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When a strange signal is detected in deep space the Federation orders Smith and Winston to go and investigate. What they find, after a brief nap, is a shattered ring world, aliens and an evil overlord called the VOID.

  • Fully destructible everything.
  • Two player couch Co-Op.
  • Humorous storyline.
  • Explosions, with extra explosions.
  • Twin stick combat.
  • Metroid style exploration.
Alien from Smith and Winston

After crashing in to the ring world, due to a slight navigation error involving hitting an asteroid, you guide Smith and Winston through this strange new world.

Shippy, your ship, is there to help or maybe she's there to kill you? Who knows? Either way, if you're going to get home for another nap you'll need to collect power cubes to repair Shippy!

Winston flying in to the air

Armed with a standard issue jet pack for dashing and short flights, a mining laser for, well mining, and a peashooter for self defence you must explore and destroy.

Loot the enemy bases, pick up any extra weapons you find, uncover the mystery of the strange signal and eventually fight evil itself in the form of the VOID!

Destruction is Creation

Everything in Smith and Winston is destroyable, it's the core of the game and the core of the fun. We built an engine from scratch and hand designed every level for maximum destruction!

Released on the 27th August 2019

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Who made this?

Execution Unit Logo

Based in London England Execution Unit is dazza [code/design] and Charlie [art/design] making games with a retro aesthetic utilising modern technology. We passionately feel that old school game play is the best school game play and that if you buy a game you should be able to play all the levels you paid for. Games are entertainment not some form of punishment!

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